Homepage image credits: 1. Christian Thompson,  Ellipse, (from ‘Polari’ series) c-type print, 100 x 100 cm, edition of 5, 2014. Image courtesy the artist and Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin and Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne. 2. Echo Morgan, “Be the Inside of the Vase”, still from film, photography by Jamie Baker, 2012. 3. Ren Hang, Untitled, 2013-14. 4. Liam Benson, The Executioner, Inkjet print on cotton rag paper, edition of 5, 90 x 134 cm, 2015. (Photographed by Alex Wisser),Courtesy of the Artist and Artereal Gallery. 5. Zanele Muholi,45.7 × 61 cm, 2010.